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Project Description

Basic Driver Education Course

  • 30 Hours of Class Room Instruction-   Sun-Thurs 5:45PM-9:00PM (No Friday, No Saturday)
  • 6 Hours of Behind The Wheel Instruction-  Scheduled  around students personal schedule and driving comfort level

Maryland MVA Basic Driver Education Course Details

  • Unit One Orientation
  • Unit Two Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings
  • Unit Three Getting Started In The Car
  • Unit Four Breaking Away From The Curb
  • Unit Five Driving In Neighborhoods
  • Unit Six Driving On Urban, Suburban & Rural Roads
  • Unit Seven Driving On Expressways
  • Unit Eight Collisions, Malfunctions and Adverse Conditions
  • Unit Nine Making Good Decisions (Alcohol and Drugs)
  • Unit Ten Owning A Vehicle and Final Exam


Students must pass final classroom exam with minimum 80%

Students must pass final Behind The Wheel lesson with minimum 80%

Class Schedules

august, 2018

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